Prima's Static Voltage Regulator is an IGBT based PWM type buck-boost voltage regulator which has tight regulation and fast correction speed. This is a switching topology where PWM is made directly in AC - to - AC switching, without any harmonic distortion. The power stage is an IGBT chopper control. The chopping frequency is around 40 KHz which ensures absolutely silent operation and pure sine wave output. The Static Voltage Regulator is compatible with all loads as it does not switch any components in the power path.

  • Upto 200 kVA

Key Features

  • Fast Rate of correction: 4000 V /Sec
  • High Efficiency of more than 97%
  • Natural/Forced Air Cooling
  • No harmonic distortion
  • No distortion in output waveform
  • LCD display for data monitoring
  • Overload cutoff and short circuit cut off
  • Over voltage and under voltage cutoff
  • Sutomatic bypass in case of failure
  • Compact size and light weight
  • Silent operation
  • No mechanical or moving parts (no wear and tear)
  • Long life and maintenance free